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Lizzie’s Wig Arrived…

…but I gave it to Niamh. Well, it looked tiny when I got it out the packet and I wasn’t convinced it would fit an 8.5″  head…so I tried it on Niamh and I think that’s where it will stay.

I think from some angles, she looks like Honeysuckle Weeks.

Oh well – I think it was too blonde for Lizzie anyway. I just ordered her a red-brown Jojo wig.

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Caroline’s Cardie

Finally sewed up the cardie I knitted a couple of weeks ago in 2 ply yarn on 1.5mm needles. I thought I would give it to Caroline. She got a new wig today too, Monique Sassy (can’t remember the colour name).

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Thanks everyone on DoA who’s had a look on here!

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Something Inferior

I read this comment about a Soom Mini Gem Aren on a forum – “I didn’t want the Soom face-up wiped and replaced by something inferior” and I thought – I’m going to do that to mine.

So here was Jilli –

And now here is Jilly –

Yeah, definitely inferior! I don’t care, I like her better now.

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More Robin Rambling

Blimey look at the face on that…

Noah is reluctantly helping me out with my knitting. I am knitting a jumper for Robin (should have plenty of time to finish it before he arrives…) and I want it to be quite baggy. Lucky I already have two Super Gem boys to check sizes on – but Jake is busy and Noah doesn’t have anything to do apart from ignore Caroline, so he gets the honour.

I am knitting this in baby 3 ply on my horribly bent 2mm needles. I know it’s only synthetic yarn, but when it’s finished I want to steam the hell out of it so it goes floppy and drapey.

I would like to get Robin a few outfits together before he arrives. The thing is, I am excited about him – but to anyone else, his arrival is not going to be any big deal, he’s just another human. So he’ll just arrive quietly and sneak in, I think. Which is kind of fitting, as that’s how he’ll arrive in the village. Just move in quietly one day, on his own, no entourage or fuss. But I feel like I want to make it up to him so if I can get him some clothes ready, that will make me feel better about it. I ordered him some boots today anyway.

I dont think any of my dolls arrived to find an outfit waiting for them…it will be nice for me too, because he will come with his face up and wig and eyes, so if I have clothes and shoes ready, I can just take him out the box and play.

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Beer Garden!

Started making stuff for the beer garden at the Frog & Fiddle – pics here:


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Lucy Hill – Noah

New pics of Noah on his very own special page – about time, he says.


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Assorted Ramblings

I would like it if I could take a photo and know it was a good photo…or a clever photo, like clever lighting or angles or something, or clever composition, or – just anything that made a  good photo, really. One that was in focus would be a start.

Robin Jones – RJ. That’s what he was called in the band – RJ. The band was called This Place. Is it only 13 days since I ordered him…? I don’t know how I will stand waiting!

Must make a to-do list for my week’s holiday. Then I can tick things off and feel like I achieved something. Getting all my stories on here would be a good thing to do.

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Eleven Days And A Blonde Wig

Eleven days since I ordered Robin…so by rights there shouldn’t be more that 89 to go. And I got a shipping notice from Elfdoll for my selection of hands, so that’s something to look forward to.

I got Miranda a new wig too, pre-loved on eBay. Really I bought it because it was pale blonde and her size, and I thought it would be a cheap way to see if I liked her blonde – but now she’s wearing it, I love the style! She looks boyish and very feminine at the same time.

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Elizabeth Logan – Lizzie – version 2

Been thinking more about Robin’s story…I may possibly be a bit obsessed with him. Anyway – I think it’s likely that he will fit in with the ‘younger’ crowd – Niamh, Tom and Tom’s younger sister Lizzie.

Well – I had a Ryung for Lizzie, but she doesn’t look like Tom’s younger sister. I think even with a different face-up she won’t look younger. And because Tom has a very sweet face, I want his sister to look sweet too. So, I ran through the Elfdoll site in my head, briefly considered getting a Lydia head, then I thought about the Oasis dolls….perfect! So the Ryung head has to go and make way for Yaoyue –

How the hell would you pronounce that anyway…? I think this girl will look good with Tom and Niamh – I have long thought that I’d like an Oasis doll to be a pal for Niamh! More importantly, I think she will look good with Robin. Because I think he will need someone kind to be his friend and watch out for him. A nice sweet girl who isn’t interested that he used to be famous or has got a lot of money, but who will love him for himself…Love? Lizzie has never really been in love before. Neither, for that matter, has Robin.

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