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Year-End Review

The first year I joined a forum, people posted year-end reviews. I thought, next year I’ll be able to do that too! But the next year, no-one posted them…

Well, here’s my review of 2010 anyway.

The following new crew members arrived:

Noah! (25.03.10)

Jim’s body


Penny’s body



Lizzie (head – um – forgot. Body – 23.11.10)

Robin! (22-11-10)

The following left:

Lizzie’s original head


Um…is that all that left? Netted off, that doesn’t really make for a lot of arrivals.

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I haven’t finished everything I was going to do this year, and there’s only a few hours left! I don’t much like New Year..I don’t know why people always think that the new one will be better than the old one. It never is.

Well…I need to make the most of 2011. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep my dolls. So, next year, I am going to play with them the way I want to, and make the stories I want to make, and not worry what other people think. I want to be able to look back and be happy with what I did.

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I took this for a photo challenge on a forum but decided against posting it – the theme was ‘Stripes’ and I am slightly horrified at how many stripey tops my gang possess – this isn’t the half of it! Must try polka dots and florals next year…

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We Have Snow!

After having a day off work yesterday, I was a bit annoyed to find it had snowed overnight. But I didn’t want to miss my chance to get some snow pics so I went outside with Robin as soon as I got home. It was dark so I had to use the flash, but I got my snow pics!

Here’s Louis, the Snow Puppy.

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Robin went to Moors Valley today, photos here:


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