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Two more on the way!

A little tan girl is coming to live with me! She will be an older version of Brooke – but before Brooke grows up, I will just have the best fun playing with her because she is SO sweet. It was love at first sight!

And – there will be a fantasy creature too, not sure exactly what he is, but some sort of god of the moon or the night skies. I am planning his costume! Wasn’t quite sure where to start as I don’t really do fantasy, but I have a few ideas.

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Oops – I did it again!

So much for not buying any more dolls this year – it’s only 8 days in and I just paid a deposit on a Soom KiR Io! We have been discussing possible names and so far we like Ben, Ethan and Matt. I have NO idea who he will be in the stories but it will come to me.

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Ah pants!

Well…I was on DoA and I saw this thread that had a link to Bimong’s website…I just think that Naraes look better in pairs!

The new girl will have realskin Korea resin ( a bit tanned by the look of it) and the butterfly faceplate. It was just as hard to choose this time round as when I ordered Miranda. Hope it will be less of a wait this time…I will get my last overtime payment at the nd of the month, plus payment for the dolls house I’m selling, and if I empty my dolly fund that should just about cover the cost of her!

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