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We Have Snow!

After having a day off work yesterday, I was a bit annoyed to find it had snowed overnight. But I didn’t want to miss my chance to get some snow pics so I went outside with Robin as soon as I got home. It was dark so I had to use the flash, but I got my snow pics!

Here’s Louis, the Snow Puppy.

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I ordered this boy a week ago – Soom Epidos (human).

He’ll have the default face-up and wig, but gold-brown eyes. I wasn’t planning to add any more dolls to the story but I had to make an exception!

I’ve worked out some of his story – he was a member of a now-defunct boy-band and he’s just bought a place in the village because he wants to live somewhere quiet. He’s still very young, and because he’s been in the band since he was a young teen he’s a bit naive about living in the real world. He’s used to having people around him making decisions and sorting out every aspect of his life. His mum is on the phone every five minutes, and much as he loves her, he just wants to¬† make a go of living his own life as a ‘normal’ person.

Well – that’s the story this week, anyway. But I will have a long wait till he gets home.

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