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A New Outfit For Sadie

I saw this photo in a magazine –

– and I thought Sadie would like a similar outfit! I already had the boots, so I just had to make the dress and leggings. It was a cold day so I added a hat.

A hug with Dan, who, as you can see, has not dressed up! I did comb his hair though – not that it makes a lot of difference! What a good job Sadie loves him so much just the way he is.

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Elizabeth Logan – Lizzie – version 2

Been thinking more about Robin’s story…I may possibly be a bit obsessed with him. Anyway – I think it’s likely that he will fit in with the ‘younger’ crowd – Niamh, Tom and Tom’s younger sister Lizzie.

Well – I had a Ryung for Lizzie, but she doesn’t look like Tom’s younger sister. I think even with a different face-up she won’t look younger. And because Tom has a very sweet face, I want his sister to look sweet too. So, I ran through the Elfdoll site in my head, briefly considered getting a Lydia head, then I thought about the Oasis dolls….perfect! So the Ryung head has to go and make way for Yaoyue –

How the hell would you pronounce that anyway…? I think this girl will look good with Tom and Niamh – I have long thought that I’d like an Oasis doll to be a pal for Niamh! More importantly, I think she will look good with Robin. Because I think he will need someone kind to be his friend and watch out for him. A nice sweet girl who isn’t interested that he used to be famous or has got a lot of money, but who will love him for himself…Love? Lizzie has never really been in love before. Neither, for that matter, has Robin.

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