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Another new story for Season Five – I had a song in my head which I THOUGHT was called ‘You Don’t Know Me’ but after singing it through in my head, I think it was actually called ‘You Don’t Own Me’! Oh well it was close.

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Had a day off work and wanted to do something useful – so I made a story. Well, that IS useful isn’t it? It’s moving Robin along to where he needs to be! Anyway there it is under Season 5…

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I’ve had a lot of views today…thanks all! Hope you liked what you saw…

Well what a funny old weekend – didn’t do much – apart from update this site! I was going to spend the entire weekend brushing up on Geordie phrases but the book I bought turned out to be little more than a pamphlet with the emphasis on humour – I want to get hold of a serious book about this language! It’s tedious trying to pick up a bit here and a bit there off the internet. My mother says, ‘Can’t you just watch Ant and Dec?’. Well – yeah but they are not always on TV when I need them to be, and they may not necessarily be using the phrases I want to know. I do like them, but a book would be handier.

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We Have Snow!

After having a day off work yesterday, I was a bit annoyed to find it had snowed overnight. But I didn’t want to miss my chance to get some snow pics so I went outside with Robin as soon as I got home. It was dark so I had to use the flash, but I got my snow pics!

Here’s Louis, the Snow Puppy.

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One step closer…

He’s at the International Hub and waiting to clear Customs!

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I Want My Epidos NOW!

When is my boy coming home…? I was all set to wait till after Christmas for Robin but now I want him home! Even though I didn’t make his trousers yet.

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Millie’s Own Page

Millie has her own page now – I thought if Noah had one, she should have one too. Not that I’m spoiling her, because I am absolutely not going to do that. No.

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Before Shipping

Just checked my order status on the Elfdoll website – before shipping!  Actually, that’s what my order status on the Soom site says too…but I know that means ‘A Long Time Before Shipping’ whereas on the Elfdoll site, it usually means it will be shipped pretty soon. So, it shouldn’t be long before Lizzie’s head is here! Wheeeee!

And Robin’s boots arrived today, they are very cool. Must get a photo. I ordered a pair of black boys’ shoes too but I don’t really know who they are for yet – I may give them to Jim. I reckon I could get Robin’s jumper finished tomorrow night – well, the knitting bit anyway. Not sure about steaming it and sewing it up. Noah is not happy because it means he will have to try it on…

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I don’t seem to be able…

…to say anything that anyone finds remotely interesting at the moment…sigh…

Never mind, I’ll talk to myself for a bit. 31 days since I ordered Robin, 20 days since I ordered Lizzie. At least she shouldn’t be too long a wait! I’m excited about her coming home as I don’t have any Oasis dolls yet. I think she will look lovely with the other girls.

I hoped to finish Robin’s jumper tonight but ended up setting up the new digital TV instead. We have a bit of digital coverage in our area! Hooray! The clearer picture and bigger screen will make it infinitely more horrible to watch Holby City and Casualty. Oh well, now the telly is sorted, I can get back to knitting tomorrow…a jumper for Niamh next.

I found I had more leather under the bed than I previously thought so I’m considering making Robin some leather trousers, guess it would be best  to line them. As part of my reseacrh for his character, I have just finished reading Billie Piper’s autobiography. For the next part I was going to re-read Jilly Cooper’s ‘The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous’ but I just bought her new book so I will read that first. You see the kind of rubbish I read? This is why I can’t join in discussions about Top Ten Novels and all that!

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