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Random Pics

I made a story with the ‘younger set’ today – Robin wasn’t in it but he did get a mention –

He and Lizzie watched from the side of the stage.

I thought it would be nice to take a group shot!

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I Was So Excited…

…about Robin finally getting here, I forgot to put pics on here! I’m updating them under ‘Other Stuff’.

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One Day More…

Well less than a day. Finished Robin’s jeans today. I think they are probably the best boy’s jeans I have ever made, and I want to make more, but they are just a bit big for the Elfdoll boys, being sized for a Unidoll Jace. So…shall I buy a pattern for the skinnier boys? Or just try the same one but sew them with a wider seam allowance…

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Paid Robin’s ransom over the phone today and he will be home on Monday!

I kept myself occupied today by making him some jeans but I wanted to put bleach splatters on and the bleach had no effect! So I splattered white paint on instead. I think they look OK. At least when I open the box I will be able to dress him right away.

I have been looking at purajo’s photos on DoA over and over again. I feel like I have the most beautiful doll in the world on the way home to me.

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One step closer…

He’s at the International Hub and waiting to clear Customs!

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He’s in the UK…

Robin landed at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 1, at 17:50…

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He’s on the way…

Today I got a shipping notice for Robin!

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