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Caroline’s Cardie

Finally sewed up the cardie I knitted a couple of weeks ago in 2 ply yarn on 1.5mm needles. I thought I would give it to Caroline. She got a new wig today too, Monique Sassy (can’t remember the colour name).

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More Robin Rambling

Blimey look at the face on that…

Noah is reluctantly helping me out with my knitting. I am knitting a jumper for Robin (should have plenty of time to finish it before he arrives…) and I want it to be quite baggy. Lucky I already have two Super Gem boys to check sizes on – but Jake is busy and Noah doesn’t have anything to do apart from ignore Caroline, so he gets the honour.

I am knitting this in baby 3 ply on my horribly bent 2mm needles. I know it’s only synthetic yarn, but when it’s finished I want to steam the hell out of it so it goes floppy and drapey.

I would like to get Robin a few outfits together before he arrives. The thing is, I am excited about him – but to anyone else, his arrival is not going to be any big deal, he’s just another human. So he’ll just arrive quietly and sneak in, I think. Which is kind of fitting, as that’s how he’ll arrive in the village. Just move in quietly one day, on his own, no entourage or fuss. But I feel like I want to make it up to him so if I can get him some clothes ready, that will make me feel better about it. I ordered him some boots today anyway.

I dont think any of my dolls arrived to find an outfit waiting for them…it will be nice for me too, because he will come with his face up and wig and eyes, so if I have clothes and shoes ready, I can just take him out the box and play.

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Big Knitting And Little Knitting

One for me, one for a doll.

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Miranda’s Cardie

This pattern was reduced to 99p at Hobbycraft. Looks nice and easy…

But I don’t have the right yarn…

I do have some pretty 2 ply, though, and 1.5mm needles.

Once blocked and steamed, it will be Miranda-size!

I wish I could haveĀ  finished this tonight – but I only cast off the final piece at bed time and I am too tired to stay up and steam and sew it.

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