Another new story for Season Five – I had a song in my head which I THOUGHT was called ‘You Don’t Know Me’ but after singing it through in my head, I think it was actually called ‘You Don’t Own Me’! Oh well it was close.


New story for Season Five…

Had a day off work and wanted to do something useful – so I made a story. Well, that IS useful isn’t it? It’s moving Robin along to where he needs to be! Anyway there it is under Season 5…


I’ve had a lot of views today…thanks all! Hope you liked what you saw…

Well what a funny old weekend – didn’t do much – apart from update this site! I was going to spend the entire weekend brushing up on Geordie phrases but the book I bought turned out to be little more than a pamphlet with the emphasis on humour – I want to get hold of a serious book about this language! It’s tedious trying to pick up a bit here and a bit there off the internet. My mother says, ‘Can’t you just watch Ant and Dec?’. Well – yeah but they are not always on TV when I need them to be, and they may not necessarily be using the phrases I want to know. I do like them, but a book would be handier.

Season 5

I’ve finally started updating my Season 5 stories, in which Robin comes to live in the village. I love my boy…

A little tan girl is coming to live with me! She will be an older version of Brooke – but before Brooke grows up, I will just have the best fun playing with her because she is SO sweet. It was love at first sight!

And – there will be a fantasy creature too, not sure exactly what he is, but some sort of god of the moon or the night skies. I am planning his costume! Wasn’t quite sure where to start as I don’t really do fantasy, but I have a few ideas.